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January 8, 2020 in PODCAST

076: Detroit: Become Human [Part 2]

We continue our fight for the future of Androids in Detroit: Become Human. Please note: this is part 2 of this series. Check out part 1 (episode 075) before listening to this!…

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Jacob McCourt

Co-host, Producer

Jacob is a marketer and broadcaster. He possesses a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Windsor and a postgraduate certificate in radio broadcasting from Humber College. Jacob has worked for a large multinational corporation, radio stations in different markets and has produced his own shows including No Coaster Needed, a series of intimate interviews with incredible people. He draws his strength from a strict diet of wrestling, video games & sweet potatoes and has spent way too much time driving up and down Highway 401 between Windsor and Toronto.

“Welcome to the Left Behind Game Club”


Michael Ruffolo

Co-host, Management Consultant

Michael is a management consultant with a passion for video games. He graduated from the University of Windsor with an MBA with a focus on entertainment marketing, and since then has helped professional sports teams, marketing agencies, and game developers understand the esports landscape. In his spare time you can find him hanging out in Twitch chat of his favourite streamers or hosting his podcast, the Left Behind Game Club.

“You’re entitled to a wrong opinion”


Moe Murtadi

Co-host, Developer

Moe is a Web Developer who spends his free time playing and learning to build games. He graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor of Commerce degree which he used to become an insurance broker. Shortly into his career he picked up a hobby of learning how to code using some online tutorials and courses. Fast forward a few years, he’s now a full time web developer and working on building Unity games in his spare time. You can find him in the podcast spitting out hot takes on the regular.

“GUNS” + “Ain’t no body got time for reading and cut scenes”

“Left Behind Game Club is our attempt to make sure no game is left behind. We play through games large and small, new and old to recreate the experience of getting a game on day-one with your friends and talking it about.”

Jacob McCourt, Host

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