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133: Sayonara Wild Hearts

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We participate in a synthpop fever dream in Sayonara Wild Hearts. Technical note: there is some minor background noise between 7:30-12:30.

Developer: Simogo | Publisher: Annapurna Interactive | Initial Release: September 19, 2019

Jacob, Mike, and special guest Kam Konek talk about very good old games, get Swedish and praise Queen Latifah. Also, Carly Rez Jepsen.

Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt) & Mike Ruffolo (@ruffolom)

Special Guest: Kam Konek (@TheKamdyman)

Web: LeftBehindGame.Club | Twitter: @LeftBehindClub | Instagram: @LeftBehindGameClub


  • 1:00 Kam is here!
  • 3:30 Running Kam through the Left Behind Game Club Guest Gaming Gauntlet(TM)
  • 8:00 Fast Pitch about Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • 9:00 The Time Capsule about Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • 14:55 We love rhythm games
  • 21:15 What is Sayonara Wild Hearts?
  • 24:00 The Story
  • 30:00 The additional modes for this pop album video game
  • 32:00 Queen Latifah
  • 35:30 Graphics
  • 39:00 Soundtrack
  • 43:45 Difficulty and Scoring
  • 51:40 The Recommendation Machine
  • 58:30 Final Thoughts

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  • December 15th – Our Last Episode of 2021!