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170: Video Game Trivia Live 3: DUB Edition (from PAX West 2023)

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Video Game Trivia Live returns to PAX West! This competitive video game trivia game hosted by Jacob McCourt pits pairs of video game press/PR folks content creators and developers against one another to see who knows the most about the obscure corners of video game history. BUT maybe the PAX audience will be able to help “team audience” steal a big victory for the city of Seattle! This panel is not about the 2005 Rockstar racing title but there will be vanity license plates. Confused? Come to the panel and find out what I mean!

Video Game Trivia Live 3: DUB Edition was recorded live at PAX West 2023 on Sunday, September 3rd, 2023 at the Seattle Convention Centre.

There’s one section that relies on visual aids; you can download the slides here or watch the video version here.


  • 0:00​​ Intro
  • 4:45 Panelist Intros
  • 9:30 The Speed Round (Rapid Fire Questions)
  • 20:00 Box Art Blitz (Guess the Game Box Art from a Sample)
  • 26:00 Step Up To The Plate (Video Game Vanity License Plates)
  • 32:45 Metacritic Critic (Guess the Metacritic Score of a Game)
  • 47:25 The Bargain Bin (Guess the Price of a Game)
  • ​​1:02:25 The Bonus Round (Final Question)

Panel Intro:


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