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092: Shovel Knight (Shovel of Hope)

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We trade in our virtual guns for a shovel in Shovel Knight.

Developer: Yacht Club Games | Publisher: Yacht Club Games | Initial Release: June 26, 2014

Jacob, Moe and special guest Nathan Norman Brandt talk about the Wii U and Amiibos, get confused about game naming and stan Tinker Knight hard.

Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt) & Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

Special Guest: Nathan Brandt (@TwoHeadedGiant) The NES Pod: Website | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Web: LeftBehindGame.Club | Twitter: @LeftBehindClub | Instagram: @LeftBehindGameClub


  • 1:30 Nathan talks about his show, the New Entertainment System Podcast
  • 3:10 Our “Fast Pitch” about Shovel Knight
  • 4:05 What’s your personal history with Shovel Knight?
  • 6:05 Nathan is a Wii U apologist
  • 6:45 Wait… what is Shovel of Hope? What is the Treasure Trove? I’m confused… please help. Also, information on Yacht Club Games and their Kickstarter.
  • 12:45 Moe played on a keyboard, what was that like?
  • 13:10 What does Shovel Knight feel like (after this podcast, you should watch this video from GameSpot: 7 Forgotten Ideas That Inspired Shovel Knight)
  • 16:25 The story of the game
  • 18:00 The structure of the game and the Tinker Knight appreciation zone
  • 21:30 Nathan’s favourite boss battles: Tinker Knight, Treasure Knight and The Enchantress
  • 24:35 Jacob’s qualms about final boss battles strike again
  • 26:40 Some of the boss battles that we struggled with
  • 30:45 Relic and armour talk
  • 35:50 Is Shovel Knight a cute character + Nathan’s Amiibo Corner
  • 40:25 Jake Kaufman’s soundtrack (complete with leitmotifs)
  • 43:40 Integrating story into the gameplay
  • 48:40 A quick taste of Shovel Knight’s other campaigns and prequels (Game Maker’s Toolkit did a great video about them)
  • 50:25 Vomiting unicorns and propeller people
  • 54:40 A brand new segment… The Recommendation Machine!
  • 59:15 Final thoughts with a setup from @TheKamdyman on Twitter


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