Superhot Team


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We unload clips and slice and dice our way through SUPERHOT… SUPERHOT.

Developer: Superhot Team | Publisher: Superhot Team | Release Date: February 25, 2016

Jacob, Mike and Moe control time and space and are entrusted with weapons.

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Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt), Michael Ruffolo (@ruffolom) and Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

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Show Notes (spoilers):

  • 3:50 Is Superhot the best VR Game?
  • 5:40 Jacob goes dark
  • 6:10 What is this game like?
  • 9:40 Jacob realizes he is a badass
  • 11:00 We can’t decide if this is a super easy game or super challenging game.
  • 13:55 SUPERHOT is a little aggresive
  • 17:45 Mike identifies SUPERHOT’s cake
  • 20:45 We realize we are not in control
  • 24:20 Are we special, Who are we?
  • 25:18 Mike found hidden terminals
  • 26:30 The game’s toughest question
  • 27:40 Jacob loses compassion and doesn’t realize it
  • 30:00 We begin to question our decisions in video games
  • 33:00 Gunshot prediction and “storm trooper aim”
  • 35:00 Mike shows us the value of jumping in SUPERHOT
  • 38:10 Moe feels uncomfortable shooting people in video games for once
  • 40:50 Our favourite missions
  • 43:45 What the hell happens at the end of the game
  • 46:30 Mike played the extra levels and demos
  • 49:10 We are excited to try out the VR version of the game