063: Bastion

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We deal with the aftermath of the calamity and all things Bastion.

Developer: Supergiant Games | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | Release Date:  July 20, 2011

Jacob, Moe, Mike and Nick do their part in rebuilding civilization while admiring the designs and sounds of the game

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Show Notes (spoilers):

  • 1:56 – We’re playing Bastion… on Vita?
  • 2:30 – What we knew coming into the game
  • 4:45 – XBLA… remember that? what we played on
  • 6:50 – What IS Bastion?
  • 9:50 – The audio and Narrator are great, I don’t care what you say
  • 10:40 – Action RPGs and Platforming
  • 12:00 – Our choice of weapons
  • 14:52 – What is THE Bastion?
  • 19:00 – Difficulty mods and the risk/reward of them
  • 30:00 – The enemies in this game feel natural
  • 34:40 – This devolves into a puddle of wrestling talk and references
  • 36:15 – The story and narrative
  • 43:00 – Zulf is like Thanos
  • 47:00 – The first choice and consequence of our actions
  • 49:30 – Supergiant sequels
  • 51:00 – The second choice you have to make
  • 54:00 – Do we recommend it?
  • 1:00:00 – The wrap-up and where you can find us

054: Shadow Complex

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Developer: Chair Entertainment in association with Epic Games | Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios | Release Date: August 19, 2009

Mike, Moe and special guest Kevin Reaburn stomp around a secret military base throwing grenades at every Metal Gear…. i mean…. “mech” they see.

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Players: Michael Ruffolo (@ruffolom) and Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

Special Guest: Kevin Reaburn

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Show Notes (spoilers):

  • 3:00 Metroid/Castlevania similarities
  • 4:20 What is this game? Do we find the Vice-President?
  • 6:52 This story isn’t as good as we were expecting.
  • 9:00 The mechanics of targeting
  • 10:15 Small game? But didn’t Epic Games make it?
  • 12:45 More Fortnite
  • 13:50 Kevin tries to dig into his issues with the game
  • 15:50 How did this get built secretly? There were definitely Instagram and Snapchat leaks
  • 20:50 Weapons were OP; grenades killed everything
  • 26:00 MOE READS (in real life only)!
  • 31:30 What part of the suit was your favorite?
  • 38:30 The guys cringe
  • 41:00 The ending and story were so random?
  • 43:10 What was Xbox Live Arcade and how did it effect development
  • 46:30 Our final thoughts, is it a great game, should you leave it behind?

021: Guacamelee!

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We deliver lucha-style piledrivers to skeletons in Guacamelee.

Developer: Drinkbox Studios | Publisher: Drinkbox Games | Release Date: April 9, 2013

Jacob, Mike and Moe talk about chickens and their “easter” eggs, mix-max’ing your character, the PlayStation Vita and Mexico by way of Japan. “This game is more present day WWE and less attitude era WWF.” Our next episode drops on January 24th, 2017 and we are playing Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide!

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Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt), Michael Ruffolo (@ruffolom) and Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

Website: LeftBehindGame.Club | Twitter: @LeftBehindClub

Show Notes (spoilers):

  • 1:15 What is Guacamelee?
  • 2:22 What is your experience with Guacamelee?
  • 3:46 Super Turbo Championship Edition and what fight about pronunciation of “Melee”
  • 5:25 Standard vs. Gold Edition vs. Super Turbo Championship Edition
  • 5:47 We talk about The PlayStation Vita and
  • 6:40 “The Vita is still hype in Japan” & Jacob learns about Waifu and Weeaboo
  • 8:38 Guacamelee 2
  • 9:12 The “Drinkbox Aesthetic”
  • 10:36 Juan Aguacate and the start of the game
  • 12:35 Tostada and costume changes
  • 14:27 Homages to other games and easter eggs
  • 17:55 Your encounter with Alebrije, the adorable pet dragon
  • 19:35 Getting new moves through Choozo statues and level design
  • 21:30 Uay Chivo (Goat Man), Flame Face and great written dialogue
  • 23:40 The “combat flow”
  • 24:35 Bringing it back to professional wrestling
  • 26:45 How we upgraded our character
  • 27:15 Moe’s biggest gripe with Guacamelee
  • 29:00 The twist at the end
  • 29:55 Completing the game and our “rates of play”
  • 33:00 El Trio De La Muerte
  • 34:20 The El Diablo’s Domain DLC and The Devil
  • 36:58 More on combat chess and enemy variation
  • 40:20 Ontario Media Development Corporation and Telefilm Canada
  • 41:50 The rest of the bosses: Jaguar Javier and Calaca
  • 44:45 INTENSO!
  • 46:38 Our final thoughts
  • 50:20 Jacob asks an extremely important question