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068: Splinter Cell: Conviction

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We mark and execute our foes in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Publisher: Ubisoft | Release Date: April 13, 2010

Jacob and Moe give their best Michael Ironside impressions, use some cool gadgets and talk too much about movies.

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Players: Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi) and Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt)

Website: LeftBehindGame.Club | Twitter: @LeftBehindClub | Instagram: @LeftBehindGameClub

Show Notes (spoilers):

  • 1:50 Our history with Splinter Cell (with SOCOM/Hitman talk)
  • 4:30 How did we play Splinter Cell: Conviction (including a story about Ubisoft Uplay)
  • 5:10 Playing the game with a controller on PC
  • 6:05 Jacob shows off his Splinter Cell: Conviction (Collector’s Edition) aka great audio
  • 7:35 Jacob explores the Clancyverse (Ghost Recon, H.A.W.X. and EndWar)
  • 8:45 Jacob reads Kevin Van Ord’s Verdict on the game (read his Xbox 360 review)
  • 11:40 The controls and gameplay of Splinter Cell: Conviction
    • 11:55 Using the dark
    • 13:20 Using your snake cam
  • 14:10 The Michael Ironside talk begins (Command & Conquer and Jacob looks at his face for the first time)
  • 16:10 The Batman, 24 and My Hero Academia variety minute
  • 18:05 Continued talk about controls and gameplay
    • 18:10 Mark & Execute
    • 22:10 Last Known Position
    • 23:30 Using cover in the game
    • 25:10 Interrogations (and Monster Closets)
  • 27:00 The LBGC’s Chief Guns Officer chimes in on Splinter Cell: Conviction’s weapons
  • 29:30 Gadget talk
  • 33:00 A follow-up on the control (they may be too loose)
  • 34:10 Storytelling in the environment (with a What Remains of Edith Finch callback)
  • 37:00 Comparing Splinter Cell: Conviction to today’s graphics
  • 39:00 The sound in Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • 39:50 Where should you start with Splinter Cell?
  • 41:35 Jacob’s Splinter Cell: Conviction Book Report
  • 46:00 Who is Megiddo (with slight Metal Gear Solid spoilers)
  • 47:15 Jacob compares Splinter Cell: Conviction to Steven Seagal’s Under Siege 2
  • 48:45 Product placement in the game #brands
  • 49:35 Our final thoughts about Splinter Cell: Conviction
  • 52:55 A special shout-out to the The Player Player Podcast