telltale’s the walking dead s01e02

107: The Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 2 (Starved for Help)

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Please note: Jacob’s original recording was lost and we had to use his back-up, so the audio quality for his track is not ideal.

We learn who can trust in Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 2.

Developer: Telltale Games | Publisher: Telltale Games | Initial Release: June 27, 2012

Jacob, Moe and special guest Cam Hawkins encounter saw sadistic bear traps, eat very “special” meals and learn the true definition of southern hospitality.

Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt) & Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

Special Guest: Cam Hawkins (@CamFinalMix) | Twitch | Dualshockers

Web: LeftBehindGame.Club | Twitter: @LeftBehindClub | Instagram: @LeftBehindGameClub

Additional Music: Ice Cider (Cider Time Variation) by Lifeformed | Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 


  • 0:15 Episode 1 Recap
  • 3:55 Where did we leave off?
  • 5:50 Where Episode 2 begins
  • 11:15 Who did you feed at the motel?
  • 15:25 What’s the commotion in the truck bed?
  • 16:25 Meeting Andy and Danny St. John
  • 27:25 Ambush!
  • 30:55 Going on the offensive against Jolene
  • 36:05 Doing chores
  • 39:45 Dinner time
  • 47:35 A meat locker calamity
  • 52:25 The bloody conclusion of this episode
  • 58:40 Why didn’t the episode end there?
  • 1:05:25 Wrap-up


  • December 16th: Katana Zero feat. Jacob, Mike and Moe (our final show of 2020)

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