002: Shadow of the Colossus Pt. 2

We continue on our discussion around Shadow of the Colossus by talking through the second half of the game. Listen to Episode 001 before you dive into this episode! “No horse left behind!” In our upcoming Episode 003, we play through Gone Home.

Left Behind Game Club is a bi-weekly podcast where friends gather to re-create the feeling of getting a game on day-one and talking it about with friends. It’s our neverending quest to make sure that no game left behind.

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Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt), Michael Ruffolo (@ruffolom) and Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

Show Notes:

  • 1:29 The discussion starts with a “WooooooW”
  • 3:35 Jacob talks “forgettable” Colossi and Mike talks PS2 issues
  • 5:30 The thirteenth Colossi, Phalanx
  • 7:20 That flippin’ turtle – the ninth Colossi: Basaran
  • 9:44 Those loose controls
  • 10:36 The tenth Colossi, Dirge
  • 13:58 The eleventh Colossi, Celosia
  • 16:55 The other small Colossi; the fourteenth Colossi, Cenobia
  • 18:30 Mike brings up the cut content from the game
  • 20:15 Jacob brings up Gone Home and the Arkham games
  • 22:28 The fifteenth Colossi, Argus
  • 23:50 The final Colossi, Malus
  • 28:05 Comparing the 13th and 14th Colossi & final two Colossi
  • 29:10 Jacob’s struggle with the final Colossi
  • 31:37 The save system
  • 32:14 The end of the game
  • 35:15 The horsey #nohorseleftbehind
  • 37:05 Is this a prequel to ICO?
  • 40:23 Did the twist at the end hit us?
  • 41:30 The main question: “would you recommend this game?”
  • 48:00 We wrap it up and talk about our next game: Gone Home

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