109: Emily is Away

By January 6, 2021PODCAST

We type and delete, type and delete through IM in Emily is Away.

Developer: Kyle Seeley | Publisher: Kyle Seeley | Initial Release: November 20, 2015

Jacob, Mike and special guests Travis Colenutt and Katie Lesperance from Cutscenes dive into their embarrassing childhood screennames, past relationships and give their thoughts on Coldplay.

Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt) & Mike Ruffolo (@ruffolom) Special Guests: Travis Colenutt (@TravisColenutt) & Katie Lesperance (@lesperak) from Cutscenes: A Video Game Movie Podcast (@Cutscenes_Pod // cutscenes.ca)

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  • 2:00 Our Fast Pitch about Emily is Away
  • 2:50 A note about IM client regionality (ICQ vs. MSN Messenger vs. AIM)
  • 5:10 A question from iamlinkhs: “What embarrassing internet handle did you have in middle/high school?”
  • 10:05 Our favourite avatars
  • 12:35 What did we know about Emily is Away?
  • 13:30 The structure of Emily is Away, 2002 and a high school secret about two of the podcasters on this show is revealed
  • 18:35 2003
  • 21:25 2004
  • 24:00 2005
  • 27:30 2006
  • 32:45 Exploring people’s profiles
  • 36:00 Final Thoughts about Emily is Away


  • January 20, 2021: The Walking Dead S01E03 with Jacob, Moe and special guest Cam Hawkins
  • February 3, 2021: The Walking Dead S01E04 with Jacob, Moe and special guest Cam Hawkins

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