164: Video Game Trivia (Live from PAX East 2023)

Video Game Trivia Live returned to PAX with its first trivia gauntlet in Boston! This competitive trivia game hosted by Jacob McCourt pits three teams of content creators and the video game press against the entire audience. Will PAX East attendees be able to outbrain our panel of video game experts? Bring your wealth of video game knowledge and find out! During this hour-long interactive trivia game, participants will need to estimate video game critic scores, identify video games from a small sliver of their box art, and much more! Buckle up, Boston.

Video Game Trivia Live: PAX East 2023 Edition was recorded live at PAX East 2023 on Friday, March 24th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre.

There’s one section that relies on visual aids; you can download the slides here or watch the video version here.


  • 0:00​​ Intro
  • 4:10 The Speed Round (Rapid Fire Questions)
  • 15:30 Box Art Blitz (Guess the Game Box Art from a Sample)
  • 24:15 The Bargain Bin (Guess the Price of a Game)
  • 41:15 Metacritic Critic (Guess the Metacritic Score of a Game)
  • ​​56:10 The Bonus Round (Final Question)


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