037: Hitman Part 1 [Setup & Training]

We begin our adventures as Agent 47 in Hitman.

Developer: IO Interactive | Publisher: Square Enix, Feral Interactive (Linux, macOS) & Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Definitive Edition) | First Release Date: March 11, 2016

Jacob, Mike and Moe put guards into dumpsters and steal their clothes, throw coins (and hammers) at our enemies and complete our required safety training.

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Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt), Michael Ruffolo (@ruffolom) and Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

Website: LeftBehindGame.Club | Twitter: @LeftBehindClub | Instagram: @LeftBehindGameClub

Show Notes (spoilers):

  • 2:15 How we are splitting up our Hitman series!
  • 2:45 The setup for Hitman (2016)
  • 4:20 Our individual experience with the Hitman series
  • 8:05 A quick primer on IO Interactive
  • 9:15 Mike paid full price! Why?
  • 10:15 We dive into Freeform Training
  • 13:35 Environmental awareness is key
  • 15:05 The game’s Instinct system
  • 16:05 Moe hits his Lord of the Rings quota for the episode
  • 17:15 Mike sets up the narrative plot
  • 19:25 Maybe we’ll watch a Hitman movie?
  • 20:15 Mike sets up the Final Test
  • 21:55 Moe loves the Coin
  • 23:00 Jacob is a squirrel
  • 25:35 Moe is a Colonel
  • 26:05 Michael almost retires from the Left Behind Game Club
  • 28:15 Michael throws hammers
  • 30:15 “Kobe!”
  • 33:40 Michael plays dress-up
  • 35:25 What about the projector?
  • 36:35 Mr. Knight in the radio room
  • 39:30 “The video game equivalent of crop dusting”
  • 42:25 Wrap-up

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