Announcement: Changes to the Podcast

By February 1, 2023PODCAST

It’s the end of an era… the Left Behind Game Club is changing.

Read the full text below or listen to the announcement:

After over 160 episodes over five and half years, our release cadence will be slowing down. Going forward, we will move from a twice-monthly model to a non-regular publishing schedule. We don’t quite know what that cadence will look like yet but we know that it will be much less than 24 shows a year. Please stay subscribed to the feed, though, as you should expect non-regular new audio, like episodes about very long games that we have been dying to play but couldn’t due to the time constraints that come with producing a twice-monthly show, as well as interviews from conventions and updates on some of our new projects.

A few very important pieces of housekeeping:

  • Our Discord community will remain active; if you haven’t joined yet, please find it at
  • The podcast back catalog will stay up for the foreseeable future although we may migrate podcast hosting platforms this year
  • We will send out updates about new episodes via our Twitter (@LeftBehindClub)

You can still find us all of us on the Internet:

So to summarize again, the show is moving to a non-regular publishing model. We aren’t going to commit to the next show or number of episodes per year, so our Discord and podcast feed will be the best places to find updates.

Over the past nearly half dozen years, we have been humbled by the support that you have shown our little independent Canadian video game podcast. With over 100K downloads, six nominations from the Canadian Podcast Awards, and press from Apple Podcasts, PocketCasts, CBC, and more… I think we did alright. Thanks for everything, and with that, my friends, we’ll see you when we see you.