050: The Wolf Among Us (Season 1, Episode 4)

By November 21, 2018PODCAST

We vomit on public transportation while playing through episode 4 of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us Season 1.

Developer: Telltale Games | Publisher: Telltale Games | Release Date: October 11, 2013

Jacob, Mike and Moe snap bones back into place after snapping necks, send our roommate to the farm and ponder on the significance of subtitles.

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Players: Jacob McCourt (@JacobMcCourt), Michael Ruffolo (@ruffolom) and Moe Murtadi (@mmurtadi)

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Show Notes (spoilers):

  • 1:40 A special episode 50 thank you to everyone!
  • 2:30 Recap of Episode 3
  • 3:15 Jacob vomits while resetting his arm bone
  • 4:40 Moe played this sequence on public transit
  • 6:10 Mike ponders on the subtitle: “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”
  • 10:05 A Conversation with Colin
  • 13:25 Jacob makes a series of terrible jokes about pigs
  • 16:00 Beauty and the Beast again? Ugh.
  • 19:20 A fork in the road
  • 20:10 First… the butcher shop!
  • 24:00 Breaking Bigby
  • 26:00 A fine detail… the list of names on the chalk board
  • 28:20 We head to the Lucky Pawn and confront the Jersey Devil
  • 32:45 All paths lead back to Bufkin
  • 36:45 Getting to the Crooked Man and Tiny Tim
  • 40:45 One final choice!